Victoria + Albert Baths

Victoria + Albert specialise in premium yet affordable bathtubs, sinks & consoles. Most of their products are made of a special material they call 'QUARRYCAST', which is a unique blend of volcanic limestone with high quality resins & aggregate in the mix. This allows their products to be incredibly durable, strong and easy to clean. Additionally, this will keep the bath warmer for longer being a better insulator than traditional materials. On top of this, the average weight of their Quarrycast baths is just 72kg, making them easy to transport. Victoria + Albert stand by their Quarrycast material giving you a 25 year consumer guarantee. Also, Victoria + Albert offer the option to choose your own custom colour for the external part of the tub, if you so desire too. With a variety of heritage and modern bathtub designs such as clawfoot, freestanding and inset baths, among various accompanying wash basins & consoles, there is a perfect item for every bathroom.