All Locks, Latches and Hinges

All Locks, Latches & Hinges is where you will find everything to do with the functionality of a door, from the hinges to hang the door, to the locks to secure it. We recommend Jacksons Locks for most external locking applications; Australian-made and the best in quality & reliability. For internal latching & locking applications; it is usually best to go with the same brand as your door handles & other hardware for finish/colour consistency throughout your home. For hinges; it depends on your setup, but again, it is usually best to go with the same brand as your other hardware. For the best experience, you may choose to browse & shop by individual categories to narrow some of the products down; Hinges, Passage Latches, Privacy Locks, Mortice Locks, Euro Locks, Escutcheons, Jacksons Locks, Rim Locks, Padlocks, & Safe Locks, Deadbolts & Night Latches, Sliding Door Locks & Latches, Screen Door & French Door Latches, Barrel, Flush & Panic Bolts, Gate Latches & Miscellaneous.