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Paints, Polishes & Finishes

Paints, Polishes & Finishes is where you will find all our paints, speciality polishes & other finishes. We recommend and sell Porter's Paints for the majority of applications. Porter's Paints are an Australian brand that offer a large range of paints, polishes, and finishes available in a massive catalogue of unique colours and finishes, the majority of which is made right here in Australia. Porter's have their own distinctive tinting system which means their colours cannot be replicated with other products available on the market.


Choose from products such as Eggshell Acrylic for a low reflective finish with a natural lustre, or French Wash for a subtle marble-like finish, through to much more like speciality waxes and undercoats such as Stucco Wax or Limeproof Undercoat Sealer. We are a Porter's Paints full range stockist meaning we can offer all products and colours available in the collection. 


While it can be hard to match and choose colours with a computer screen, we have almost every paint colour on display in some fashion at our store in Windsor NSW and can also send real hand-painted sample colour cards and fan decks virtually Australia-wide to make sure you can be 100% happy with your choices.

You will also find our legendary Parslow's Furniture Restorer & Miroxol Metal Polish here.

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