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Drop Pull Handles

Cabinet Drop Pull Handles were traditionally used in French Provincial & Hampton kitchens on the drawers. Many in this range have matching regular pull handles, cupboard 'T' knob pulls, cupboard knobs & cup pull handles allowing you to complete the Provincial or Hampton look. These drop pull handles will swivel back down to lessen the projection while not in use. For retrofitting; most of our drop pull handles are measured centre-to-centre (distance between the screw holes). Generally, anywhere from 96mm to 320mm drop pull handles will fit nicely on most drawers. Drop pull handles are usually paired with matching Cupboard 'T' Knob Pulls, Cupboard KnobsCabinet Pull Handles, & Cup Pull Handles. You will find traditional trunk drop handles under Traditional Cabinet Handles.


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Tradco Porcelain Drop Handles.PNG
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