Old world elegance blends seamlessly with modern functionality in the Winslow lever. The white porcelain finish creates a timeless effect and the ability to turn the taps on and off easily with a brush of one’s hand makes the Winslow lever an invaluable addition to the modern home.




Pictured is 'Durobrite Chrome' finish.


Can be optioned with metal levers, black or white porcelain levers, or crystal levers.


Swivel spout.

Dual function spray.
Metal lever or white porcelain lever handle option showing.


Price and further information on application for Brodware range.


Brodware - Winslow Lever - Kitchen Mixer Set Pull-Out Spout 1.8108.04.3.01

SKU: 1.8108.04.3.01 & 1.8108.04.4.01