Solid brass.


Backset: 57mm.


6 finishes available.


Please note that a compatible euro cylinder will be needed for the door to function - click a corresponding number to view our recommended and compatible items:

  • A double key/key cylinder, '9144' or single turnthumb (privacy snib on inside, key on outside) cylinder, '9145' can be optioned.
  • Alternatively, you can view our whole Euro Locks range.


Additionally, a pair of euro escutcheons is usually needed to cover where the cylinder projects out of the door for a roller lock. A round profile, '3702' and square profile, '3726' are both available.


Also, please note that for rebated double doors you will need to additionally purchase a separate rebate adaptor kit to suit CTC85mm locks. Click here (9210) to view this item.

Austyle - Security Roller Latch & Dead Bolt Lock - B57mm